Foundation for a Smokefree America announces Breathe Easy, an IAQ Cause Marketing Partner Opportunity for Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers in the HVAC/R Trade

Los Angeles and West Palm Beach, Florida – April 6, 2017 - The Foundation for a Smokefree America is today launching Breathe Easy, an innovative cause marketing campaign with partnership opportunities for the HVAC/R Trade. The new campaign will promote stronger public awareness of available options for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and work with contractors to educate customers about existing technology for clean indoor air. The campaign will benefit the public, as well as contractors, distributors, and manufacturers who join the Foundation as partners.

Longtime Manufacturer’s Representative Gary Moody of West Palm Beach, FL will head up the Foundation’s team to develop partnerships with the HVAC/R Trade. “HVAC/R businesses can benefit by doing cause marketing,” says Mr. Moody. “Partnering with the Foundation for a Smokefree America will promote clean indoor air and support the marketing efforts of our HVAC/R partners. I will welcome calls from anyone in the trade.”

The benefits of joining with the new campaign for HVAC/R businesses include:

  • Attracting new customers and building credibility with them
  • Enhancing existing customer loyalty
  • Increasing sales/profits
  • Improving community image via social media
  • Boosting employee morale
  • Separating a business from competitors
  • Expanding HVAC customers' awareness of available IAQ products and services

“I am honored to work with the Foundation, and help connect this excellent organization to Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers in the US,” says Gary Moody. “They have helped thousands of youth and adults to quit or not start smoking since 1989. As a former Manufacturer’s Rep in the trade, I know that HVAC/R Contractors can help people breathe cleaner air indoors.  Our goal is to significantly raise public awareness about IAQ, and how an HVAC system can help scrub the air of particulates, microbes, VOCs and odors.  Indoor air quality is an idea whose time has come.”

Patrick Reynolds, the Foundation's Executive Director, adds, “It’s a win-win-win—for our Foundation, for the trade, and for the public. We are pleased to partner with those in the HVAC/R trade.”

Benefits of partnering with the Foundation for a Smokefree America

  • Displaying the Foundation’s name and logo in sales materials for IAQ products or services, such as duct cleaning, new system installs, service contracts, “clunker” scrap salvage, or HVAC/R repairs
  • Letting your customers know that equipment you install, including filtration and air scrubbing add-ons, is approved by the Foundation for a Smokefree America. (Gary Moody is familiar with a broad range of IAQ equipment, and will let you know which products you sell are approved.) This will set your company apart from the competition, and build credibility with your customers.
  • The Foundation will approve marketing messages developed by partners to be used as an IAQ sales tool. This will help sell more IAQ products and services, and at the same time deliver the Foundation’s message to the public.

The Foundation for a Smokefree America recently conducted an informal poll in California of HVAC/R Contractors, and found that in their quotes to customers, 80% of Contractors offered no options at all for IAQ upgrades. Of the 20% who did, few provided details on brand choices or equipment options available for residential  whole-house air purification, filtration and humidification — despite the finding that many customers are researching HVAC and IAQ equipment online or in Consumer Reports, and know about these options prior to contacting a contractor. "When a contractor does not bother to tell a customer about these options, it reflects badly on the contractor," says Mr. Moody. "When they do, it gives them a competitive advantage, even if the customer does not purchase the options offered. It speaks to the credibility of the contractor."

The Foundation is also seeking sponsors for an extended direct mail campaign which will target HVAC/R contractors. Our repeat mailings will urge contractors to take time to let new customers know about available IAQ upgrades, and point out the benefits of doing this: generating credibility and goodwill with customers. When they express interest, contractors should include optional IAQ equipment in quotes, as line item add-ons, to keep their bids competitive.

“Whether or not customers add on IAQ equipment, spending a few minutes educating them about available IAQ options will increase customers’ confidence in and credibility with an HVAC/R Contractor. It will also mean a stronger competitive advantage over contractors who do not spend time with customers outlining available choices. And when they do order these products, sales go up,” says Gary Moody.

Patrick Reynolds notes, "We invite all Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers to partner with the Foundation for a Smokefree America in support of our campaign to increase public awareness regarding the latest options for Indoor Air Quality. We want to give Contractors a competitive edge for the 21st Century, and build a case for clean indoor air."

About the Foundation for a Smokefree America

The Foundation for a Smokefree America’s mission is to motivate and encourage youth and adults to stay tobacco free and to empower smokers to quit successfully. Best known for its national campaign for teen smoking prevention, the Foundation’s websites also offer free support each month to thousands of smokers seeking to quit. The group advocates for optimal Indoor air quality, and invites all HVAC/R Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers to join its campaign for high IAQ. The organization is a tax-exempt, 501c3 public foundation, founded by Patrick Reynolds in 1989. The Foundation for a Smokefree America works to increase public awareness of the complex health problems caused by poor Indoor Air Quality, and the best protection solutions available thru HVAC/R Contractors.

Learn more about HVAC/R Partner opportunities with the Foundation for a Smokefree America.

About the Campaign

Our press release goes into detail about the new partnerships available between the Foundation and the HVAC/R trade. It was distributed to HVAC Trade publications and associations such as the ACCA.

Who We Are

Gary Moody is Director of the Foundation of a Smokefree America's new partner program for the HVAC industry. Patrick Reynolds is Executive Director of the Foundation. Learn more about our team here.

Becoming a Partner

The Foundation’s guideline for Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers for partnering. Annual business revenue will determine the cost. Major sponsor opportunities are available for manufacturers.


Contact: Gary Moody

West Palm Beach, FL 33404