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    • To students: Please do not call us, or send letters with lists of questions for papers you are writing. This year, we do not have funding or staff to reply to students or to send printed materials to the public.

      The good news is, we do offer great resources for the above on our FAQs page, and there is plenty of material to study at this website. Students, we ask you to buckle down and read.

      We are hoping to build an endowment which will enable us to reply to students in the future.

      Our FAQs page will tell you --

  • Where middle school and high school students might be able to get the answers they seek. Our FAQs page lists local groups to approach; however, we can't guarantee they will have time or staff to talk to you.

  • For students in 9th grade or higher, or for journalists, how to search for the most current info on a specific tobacco issue

  • Where to obtain posters and promotional items, both free and for sale

  • For free nicotine patches, try your County Dept. of Public Health, and ask for the person assigned to tobacco

  • How to subscribe to the Daily Tobacco News

  • Volunteering your time or making donations; our advice if you want to be a speaker

  • Quitting smoking successfully

  • Smoke from a neighbor's apartment

  • Furthering your idea for a TV ad or anti-smoking advertising concept

  • Which States have the most funding for tobacco prevention programs?

  • Are you selling advertising space, and looking to sell space for an anti-smoking ad in your publication?

  • Our educational video and live talks

  • Learn more about Smokefree America's current work, and make a donation.

    For info on any of the above, click on our FAQs page.

    Thank you for caring about the problem of tobacco use. Working together, we will make a difference -- and one day we will have a world free of tobacco addiction.

Yours for a Smokefree Society,

The staff at

Please read above BEFORE you call us.

T.e.l. 310.577.9828

Newsmedia only - cell: 310.880.1111

F.a.x. 310.388.1350



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